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March 7, 2019

Leslie Lightcraft Co. has officially submitted the Lightcraft design to be patented

Dateline: JPMorgan Chase Tower Houston, Texas March 7, 2019 — A patent for a “Standup Paddle Board in a Catamaran Configuration” which previously passed the search and verification phase in February has now officially been submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  “We are thrilled at this important milestone” declares Christopher Leslie, owner of Leslie Lightcraft Co.  “The amount of reviewing that has occurred up to now has been impressive and to finally get the patent submitted means the company now has all the intellectual property fully secured.” 

“We were honestly surprised that our design was patentable…we knew there is not anything quite like it on the market although there are some things that are close, …we were thrilled to find our specific configuration has never been patented in the history of the United States.” says Leslie.  “We deeply appreciate our patent lawyer and Harris County (Houston) Judge Darryl E. Scott, PPLC and all his efforts in helping us document this groundbreaking design”.

This patent submittal completes the intellectual property portfolio of the company already populated by registered trademarks and copyrights.  As the manufacturing discussions continue, it is noted there will likely be more applicable patent areas that will be subsequently reviewed and submitted as well.

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