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March 2, 2018

Stand Up Catamaran Configuration One Step Closer to Patent.

Dateline: Friendswood, Texas (Near NASA’s Johnson Space Center Houston) March 2, 2018 — The Leslie Lightcraft Co. reached a significant milestone today in the successful testing of the “Mark I” prototype.  “The calculations have been confirmed!” stated Christopher Leslie, owner and chief designer of the Lightcraft product.  “We were unsure if the theoretical approaches on paper would translate well into reality, but we were all surprised by the better than expected results” states Leslie.

The stand-up catamaran prototype has been in development for the past six months in a lab in Friendswood, Texas.  The prototype is a life-size hydro-vehicle that takes the unique buoyancy calculations, materials and hydrodynamic shapes of Leslie’s design from paper into reality.  “The successful tests are a confidence booster” states George Finch, director of Distribution.  “We now know this product will work in real-world scenarios as designed on paper”, says Finch. 

The prototype testing consisted of a series of what were called “Controlled Environment Test”, followed by “Variable Control Tests” and finished with “Other-than-Controlled Environmental Test”.  The hydrocraft was initially tested in a still body where measurements could take place.  “Eventually, we moved the tests out of the hydrolab and into a real-world environment” says Leslie speaking on the test site in Martin Dies Texas State Park.

The results from the test proved to the Lightcraft team that indeed a stand-up catamaran can hold more weight than typical paddle boards, can move through the water easier and most important involves a standard deviation increase in stability.  The successful tests now pave the way for practical manufacturing discussions and further patent discussions.

Leslie Lightcraft Co. is a Texas-based company founded by a former NASA mission control team member focused on developing a paddle board in a catamaran configuration which allows for higher stability, more carrying capacity and ease of use. 

For more information about Leslie Lightcraft Co. or to see designs, history and plans of the newly founded company, visit them at www.leslielightcraft.com