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November 17, 2018

After an extensive international search, Leslie Lightcraft Co. now has a manufacturing partner.

Dateline: Twin Lakes, Wisconsin November 17, 2018 — After an extensive requirements generation period and multiple proposal reviews from potential manufacturers both domestic and international, Leslie Lightcraft Co’s executive team today announced their final selection for manufacture of the Lightcraft products.  “We are thrilled to announce the selected company is Allied Plastics Inc. of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin” says Christopher Leslie, owner of the company.

“A large part of this search has been the excellent work done by our Operations Director, Dennis Kovach”, cites Leslie. “There are only a few facilities in North America that can handle what we need in terms of size and materials expertise, and Allied has shown us in every area, they excel in what we need” says Dennis Kovach.  “We believe they can produce a complex, never before built, eleven-foot watercraft with multiple types of space-aged plastic compounds and handle assembly” describes Kovach. 

The financial agreement between Leslie Lightcraft Co and Allied Plastics is good news for the small town Wisconsin area in terms of more labor and expanded logistics capabilities as products moves from Twin Lakes out to international markets.  “We are looking forward to a long relationship with Allied and their team” says Leslie.  “We’ve spent the time building a relationship with them and they in turn has done the same.  This will be an exciting partnership.”

As of the writing of this release, initial manufacturing drawing and detail operational discussions had already taken place.  Expectations are that a final engineering set of plans could be approved by early 2019 which will then lead to operational prototype development then to full manufacturing capability by an early-to-mid summer 2019 timeframe.

For more information about Leslie Lightcraft Co. or to see designs, history and plans of the newly founded company, visit them at www.leslielightcraft.com