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May 27, 2019

A paddle craft designed by a NASA scientist begins pre-sale Memorial Day.

Dateline: Friendswood, Texas (Near NASA’s Johnson Space Center Houston) May 27, 2019 — The Leslie Lightcraft Co. founded by a former NASA Mission Control team member is officially entering the water sports and exploration markets the weekend of Memorial Day. The Leslie Lightcraft Co. is opening a pre-sale event of their patented stand up paddle craft, May 27.  This event marks two years of design and manufacturing testing which was successfully concluded last week.

“We are thrilled to announce we are open for business” states Christopher Leslie, owner of Lightcraft Co., “This is a product that will change the key demographics for paddle sports and allow an entire population who wouldn’t have been able to participate to get out and enjoy the exploration of it all.  Our investors are not only satisfied but proud, our manufacturing partner is ready, the product is proven and we are ready to launch!”

Based on work in Mission Control and then from leading a lab of aerospace research and development, Leslie has engineered several key features of this new product.  The patented Lightcraft product which resembles a small catamaran, dubbed “Mark I”, will enable a new demographic participation, “The stability is by far, the most advanced feature, it feels like you are standing on the deck of a boat instead of on a tight wire like you feel on a typical fall-down paddle board” cites Leslie. 

Other noted features are the carrying capacity which can support up to 450 pounds. “Anyone, regardless of body-type can go explore the water on a Lightcraft” confirms George Finch, Director of Distribution. Finally, the aerospace-inspired design allows the “aquanaut” on top the ability to move through the water with less effort.  “You can go across a lake, go further, farer with less effort because of its hydrodynamic design.” states Dennis Kovach, Director of Operations.

Leslie Lightcraft Co. officially opens up their pre-sale event May 27.  The industrial molds are in work and full-scale production of the product will begin for the 2020 buying season.  Discussions with distributors are finalizing and the purchasing and shipping process for individuals is ready to go.

“This really will change the way people access the water for recreation and sport, the Lightcraft will enable an entire population to enjoy and explore waters across the world.” cites Leslie.

For more information about Leslie Lightcraft Co. or to see designs, history and plans of the newly founded company, visit them at www.leslielightcraft.com