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Welcome to the Leslie Lightcraft Company

Anyone, even first time beginners

The United States patented design features a large center of gravity area which equates to very high stability.  That means regardless of your paddle boarding skills, even if you have never tried a paddle board before, you can simply step on, take off and stay up. 

"I can do this."

Joyce Pfleeger, 74 year old

Powerful Design

Lightcrafts can carry 400 pounds of weight on the water.  That high carrying capacity means that regardless of your body type, you can get on and go explore the world around you.  You are no longer restricted by your weight.

The NASA-inspired design brings most of the vessel operations above the water instead of flat on it.  That means there is far less resistance in forward motion so you can go farther, faster and with less effort. 

Lightcrafts are 110% recyclable.  Lightcrafts actually have a negative environmental footprint as some of the materials we are using have been recycled once already before we use them. 

All Lightcrafts are sourced and manufactured in the United States of America.

Mark I Production

11.5 ft long, 60 lbs. Two long stowage compartments, four water-secure stowage bags, four secure rope cleats, and two attachable fins for ease of transport.